Fishing Charter Types & Locations

Being a professional fishing guide in South-West Florida I would like to take the time to describe what to expect from the 3 primary tactics used in fishing our home waters here of the Lee island coast. Over the course of a few decades angling in these bountiful waters the Captain has learned through mentorship and practical application time and time again the dedication to perfecting the arts and skills needed to Fly Fish, lure fish and live bait with light tackle to be successful and fun! Below you will find them broken up into the three categories and a brief explanation of what to expect out of a charter fishing with Fort Myers Fishing Charters.

Fly Fishing in Fort Myers & SW Florida:

Fly Fishing may be one of the most difficult forms of approach when fishing in any ecosystem. The need for stealth and presentation is one that only a fly fisherman themselves can understand and teach. Whether you are a beginner or novice, while on the water with Capt. Codty you will always find a helping hand. 

From learning to double haul to proper approach when push poling the skiff in pursuit of your trophy fish I promise to always be helpful, it is your time on the skiff and I always go the extra mile with NO YELLING! It is sad that needs to be in print, but as exciting as it is in pursuit of saltwater gamefish some folks fail to remember who we are and what we are doing. 

From proven fly pattern choices for the applicable ecosystem and natural conditions like water clarity or time of year to match the hatch I have you covered. Fly fishing is the Capt’s personal favorite method in targeting fish, whether you wish to use your own equipment or flies or the rods onboard I personally look forward to custom fitting your time and experience on the water to be the very best it can be! Even in a highly pressured fishery you will always have my undivided attention in every aspect to deliver a safe and rewarding experience! Let a lifetime of applied local knowledge help guide you to splendor!

Lure Fishing in Fort Myers & SW Florida:

The art of fishing with artificial lures is one of magnificence and self earned reward! The ability to repeatedly make casts working the desired water column can be extremely productive. Covering ground in a efficient fashion yields the pleasure in not only covering lots of fishing grounds but also in most cases will yield in some memorable angling moments. 

The attributes of soft plastic and hard plastic lures allows anglers to make more casts without the need of being cautious “not to cast the bait off” like the fragile live bait offering we use in different applications. From fishing tournaments to personal interest, lure fishing is up there in the category of fly fishing in most circumstances when applied to shallow water fishing that we so often do here in the Fort Myers and nearby SW Florida areas. 

We take advantage of stealth from push poling the shallow water boats to engage fish on their “ground”. With an extensive background of usage and applied education like giving presentations and teaching at high level expositions I pride myself on being well informed on the subject and more importantly the necessary skills to teach! 

The majority of lure fishing will be done on spinning tackle, custom selected for their performance to compliment the lure selection we are presenting i.e. short medium heavy rods for throwing plugs, 7’ medium rods for bucktails and mod fast action rods to compliment soft plastics on jig heads etc. No matter the situation or experience level I take pride in sharing the productive skills and knowledge necessary to be more successful in your environment!

Live bait Fishing in Fort Myers & SW Florida:

Live bait fishing on the Gulf Coast of Florida is an absolute staple. There is no replacement for the “real thing” and it is evident by the vast amount of charter guides and recreational anglers that utilize live bait in their respective fisheries. For those that wish to have the absolute best chance and normally highest amount of “bites” live bait is the bait of choice. 

For live bait charters, my mornings usually start hours before sunrise, in a specifically chosen spot of real-estate using my persuasive powers of secret chum and techniques to lure out prized baitfish and capture them with a net to have a livewell full of fresh, choice baits ready for my clients’ arrival. If one considers live bait good, but fresh caught live bait is even better than buying from a bait shop!

Spinning tackle is almost always chosen in our area for the practicality in casting odd sized baitfish and combat natural occurrences like wind and tidal currents to keep our bait in the right spot! 

Each category of applied tactics to fishing our area have their pro’s and con’s, but live bait fishing will almost win in every situation, this is extremely helpful when it comes to fishing with kids or large groups when being stealthy and quiet in the boat can be more difficult to do with people walking around in the vessel. 

The Capt will always discuss your wants and needs when booking a trip to best suite your needs and desires out on the water!

Fishing Charter Locations:

The primary areas I focus on are listed below, with a page focusing on additional information about the seasonality of the specific location’s fishery and some fun facts thrown in.

If you have interest in a location that is not listed, please contact me. I’m well versed in other nearby areas and if not, I am always happy to refer you to a reputable guide for your chosen location.

Other locations may be available. Contact me to discuss your desires.


"Capt Codty Pierce is one of the most knowledgeable fishing guides on the water. Whether it’s fishing for snook or deep dropping for grouper offshore you are guaranteed to have a great time!"
Chris Q.
"You will be hard-pressed to find anyone with more experience and expertise fishing in the SWFL area than Codty; there’s no question you’ll have a great time fishing with him."

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Frequently Asked Questions

• Whatever you would like to eat & drink
• Polarizes Sun Screen
• Sunscreen Lip Balm
• Hat
• Neck Gator/buff
• Light sweater or raincoat (AM boat rides)
• Bug Spray
• Camera

We have numerous departures locations to choose from. Typically Punta Rassa in Ft. Myers or Pine Island Marina on Pine Island, but if you have another location in mind, let me know. See a map of our locations. 

Yes, no problem. Just let me know what you’re invested in doing and I will load the boat accordingly. 

The Hells Bay can accommodate 1-2 guests, the Dorado can accommodate up to 6 guests.