Captain Codty Pierce

Fort Myers Fishing Charters fly fishing & light tackle guide, Capt. Codty Pierce is a life long local of SWFL navigating the waters from Charlotte Harbor south to Estero Bay since boyhood. Allow 20 years of local knowledge guide you to adventure off the beaten path, catered to your interests in a safe and informative manor. Whether it be a on the water tour of our infamous shell mounds, poling the flats sight fishing saltwater gamefish on fly or light tackle, or a fun family day catching fish. From beginner to novice Capt. Codty can accommodate. Experience Florida with a Floridian Naturalist. 


"If you have spent any time pursuing snook & redfish in skinny water, chances are you have spent your fair share of mornings wading through an awful lot of arachnid and reptile infested swamps. Which is ok if you were born and raised in the stagnate water of southwest Florida, but if you want to make it home for dinner, you either have to know what you’re doing or know someone who does. Thankfully for me … I do. If you were to take equal parts of Steve Irwin, Charles Darwin, and Trapper Rudd, you would end up with a Florida native and a good fishing buddy of mine, named Capt. Codty Pierce.
I truly enjoy fishing with Capt. Codty not only because of his knowledge of the ecosystem but because he may be one of the only guys as nerdy as me when it comes to exploring new fisheries and putting a microscope on the feeding behaviors of flats species in our backyard."
Drew Chicone

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